One of the top insurance companies in Singapore adopts digital transformation


Case Studies

Case Studies


One of the top insurance companies in Singapore adopts digital transformation

The Background

Ashnik’s client is one of Singapore’s top insurance companies that offers well-rounded financial solutions to its end customers. The offering includes diversified product in protection, savings and investment. These financial products are brought to market through a multi-channel distribution network including through a leading international bank. This bank is one of the key partners helping the insurance company to expand its footprint in South East Asia region.

The Challenge

The sales process required the insurance company to periodically exchange insurance related data with its partner bank. This data exchange was primarily done through emails. This lead to significant amount of email churn as the data and the format in which it was shared were not standardized and did not adhere to any industry recognized standard or code.

The key challenges of the client included complex technical design, high human intervention, poor data quality and all of these leading to delayed processing, poor response time and loss of business.

There was an urgent need to implement an industry-standard, robust, scalable, automated and near real-time data exchange solution. The insurance company wanted to incorporate ACORD standard to exchange data with its partner bank, in a near real-time environment using XML SOAP messages. The insurance company decided to run a pilot initiative in Singapore with a plan to roll it out across South East Asia.

ACORD stands for Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development. It is a global nonprofit association working to improve data quality and information exchange for the insurance industry. It collaborates with insurance regulators and industry associations worldwide and coordinates with various insurance trade associations to promote the efficacies of standardized data and forms.

Ashnik’s Solution

Ashnik conducted a thorough assessment of the insurance company’s business requirements and designed a robust, scalable solution. The primary focus of the solution was to build foundational standard and reusable design while providing a flexible, long-term, scalable approach to cater to constantly changing business need.

The Solution Platform

  • EDB Postgres, an enterprise-class data management platform based on the open source database PostgreSQL
  • Pentaho Enterprise Edition

Solution Details

  • Transformation and blending of data as per the ACORD standard requirement.
  • Maintenance of data change history based on source system data feed
  • An optimized data model design
  • In-depth analysis of technical design options with EDB’s ANSI compliant SQL and Pentaho DI. A comprehensive and efficient approach was adopted leveraging both to generate multi-level/complex XML feed messages
  • Complete Data consistency check using XSD validation with Pentaho DI
  • Source data analysis, data validation and data cleansing using Pentaho DataCleaner
  • Robust error handling and data reconciliation framework
  • Effortless Code deployment across system environments

Value-Adds from Ashnik

  • Complete, End-to-end Data Solution
  • Rapid ‘Time to Value’ with real-time data transformation
  • Scheduled/Automated jobs
  • Reusable code and technical design


The insurance company is now able to optimally exchange near real time data with its partner bank using the digital platform. The platform also significantly decreases human intervention, human error and the associated maintenance cost. With the pilot project successful, the insurance company now plans to roll out the initiative across South East Asia.

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