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Say Cheese !

Indrayani Valinjkar I MBA – HR
Singapore, 15 Apr 2015

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Joanne, Marketing Head of a company who was known for her critic’s eyes and no-nonsense behaviour gave a compliment to administrative assistant Leone for her positive approach. She liked Leone’s smiling face whenever she visited HR department with bunch of issues.

Newly joined Nevin, secretary to Dean, got a negative remark on her appraisal for her approach towards internal customers. On the other hand Ahmed who joined as a lecturer became Director in less than 3 years in the University. Chairman would always praise Ahmed for his wonderful smile and positive attitude.

As all of us like people who are approachable not only in the office but also in every walk of life, we also can become likable by being smiling person. It doesn’t take big struggle to smile. When you watch something funny or embarrassing, you smirk. When you are recognized for your top performance at work, you beam. When you get an unexpected gift or surprise you grin. Smiling is a very natural response and with a smile we share our happiness with others.

It generates a ‘Feel Good’ emotions – Yes, a smile on your face will make you feel better; it will lift your bad mood and shift to brighter mood. As I said earlier, it’s not hard, look around; there are so many funny things around you. For example, my supervisor had a peculiar habit of adjusting his tie on his big belly; he would check the report once with his spectacles on and then without his spectacles. Isn’t it funny? There are people around us with funny gestures or habits. We need to train our minds to enjoy those moments (but not laught at others)

Fake it till you get it – If you are one of them who find it difficult to smile or laugh, try and make it up. Practice in the mirror; note how many times you smile. Every time, remind yourself to smile. Practice till you get habituated. Most deserving person of your smile is you, yourself. Be honest, your eyes must smile too!

Smiling is free – Perhaps a better alternative than therapy, and with practice, your facial muscles will grow habituated to it. Those significant others will appreciate and value your positive, optimistic-looking face. Like Leone and Ahmed, soon you will recognise a powerful and valuable asset, smile!

– Indrayani Valinjkar I MBA – HR,

MA – Counselling Psychologist, Certified Yoga teacher


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