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Big Data Solutions and Analytics

Insights from Big Data and Analytics have now become tools for operational and strategic management decision. It is no more just another set of technologies that do the same old things faster. By having access to ‘variety’ and large amount of data brings in newer dimension to insights which hitherto were not available. Today, every organization is thinking of harnessing the power of Big Data and Analytics.

Ashnik is here to help you get on this journey and realise the power of Big Data and Analytics through open source technologies. Though Big Data and Analytics are important management tools, they are not shrink wrapped technologies. Organisations are looking for ways to adopt these technologies in their IT landscape. But there are challenges in terms of identifying, integrating, operationalizing these technologies. This is where Ashnik plays a critical role as a consultant, implementer and solution provider.

We leverage our deep expertise in database technologies, solution architecting and our relationships with key open source products – Pentaho, PostgreSQL, Hadoop, MongoDB, Nginx and Red Hat – to power your Big Data and Analytics platform.


  • With our broad understanding of the business strategies and technology landscapes, we map your business goals with technology needs
  • Give you a realistic assessment of which technologies are good fit for a particular workload taking into consideration various factors. Provide unbiased views because we come from a consulting and solutioning background
  • Help you understand what role new-age technologies such as Hadoop, MongoDB, Pentaho would play in addition to the traditional data warehouse that you may already have
  • Enable you to identify areas of cost optimization by using open source solutions such as PostgreSQL, Nginx etc
  • Offer insight into impact of open source technologies and help you create a roadmap for adopting these into your heterogeneous IT infrastructure
  • Work with you to create POC to help you get the firsthand feel of the solution and then make a decision


  • We bring in our solution architecting skills to design an architecture that addresses areas of:
  • Data store for high volume, high velocity, structured and unstructured data
  • Highly available and scalable data store for enterprise wide needs
  • Integration of data sources, creating data mart or data lakes
  • Integration with existing data warehouse
  • Replication and migration from legacy data sources to new technologies such as PostgreSQL, MongoDB or Hadoop
  • Our consultants work with your architecting team from the sages of project identification to solution designing


  • We believe in ‘walk the talk’, we deliver what we design:
  • Our skilled consultants help you implement the solution in given time and pre-agreed budget. This ensures that you are able to go live within the budget and are able to deliver a timely solution to your business team
  • We work with you for post-production support, if needed
  • We provide training to help you develop internal skills

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