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Enterprise Open Source Solutions

Interestingly, more and more global companies now are embracing open source technologies. Especially in the infrastructure or middleware domains they are making a positive impact on the organization’s bottom line and growth.
For Ashnik, open source is passion – we bring over a decade of experience that has helped large enterprises to adopt open source solutions for enterprise applications.

range services

  • Open source solution
  • Consulting services
  • Infrastructure Implementation services
  • Middleware migration services
  • Database migration services


  • Consulting : “Why, when, how, which” for adopting enterprise open source solutions
  • Application and infrastructure study
  • Open source technologies and solutions alternatives
  • Adoption plan

Our Open Source Roadmap

When an Enterprise wants to adopt open source they need to address multiple issues just the way they would evaluate a commercial solution. We closely look at the technical issues and also the business challenges facing our clients to carefully assess if open-source solution has the ability to solve the real problem. We study the infrastructure and applications and perform a Gap Analysis. Based on our findings, we recommend the relevant open source solutions. After which, we provide an Adoption Plan and help implement it, thus helping the Enterprise adopt open source with greater confidence.


Bolster Your Teams’ Knowledge with Hands-on Training

Designed for DBAs, IT Professionals, and Application Developers, our training is created and delivered by a team of database experts having hands-on experience with difference use cases through years of field experience. With a variety of classroom classes, participants will learn how to implement and manage databases, build applications, improve database performance, ensure high availability and manage complex tasks. We also offer Certification for DBAs interested in becoming go-to experts in these opensource database technologies like PostgreSQL and MongoDB.


  • Get quickly ramped on MongoDB with this comprehensive private training program for developers from MongoDB University. You or your team will gain the knowledge and confidence to develop a wide range of applications in MongoDB and do basic administration with the help of these sessions. If you are interested in learning, improving, developing your MongoDB skills, have a running MongoDB project or if you look for alternatives to take up database systems, this would be your best bet for getting yourself or your team up to speed.


  • Ashnik offers EnterpriseDB certified PostgreSQL courses and Technical training for PostgreSQL Administration in India, designed for DBAs and application developers. These courses are delivered by certified PostgreSQL experts, enabling you to swiftly learn everything about managing your database responsibilities. Relevant material and labs provided by our training experts help you put your new skills into practice in your own work environment. The completion of this training entitles you to enroll for Postgres Certification exam by EnterpriseDB and become a certified Postgres Professional. In addition, each course entitles you to a Certificate of Participation from EnterpriseDB.

What’s more, all our training sessions include modularized lessons, lectures, presentation copies, discussions, Q & A sessions, and real hands-on lab exercises guided by PostgreSQL and MongoDB experts.

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