Managed Services

Managed Services

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In Scope

Service Delivery

  • Architectural suggestions for new deployment including Server sizing and implementation best practices suggestions
  • Patch update impact analysis, preparation for application of update and applying patches
  • Assisting in sizing and Capacity Planning for technology covered for technical consulting
  • Assisting in Performance monitoring and optimization on best effort basis
  • Coordinate with OEMs for Service requests and new features
  • Assisting in New features (after valid confirmation with OEM for product level support) implementation planning
  • Single point of contact for technology support co-ordination as covered under this proposal for << customer’s name >> (technologies need to be under valid subscription else it is only best effort basis)
  • Providing guidance and assisting Service Operations team for technology service tasks optimizations
  • Active participation in P1 Calls

Service Operations: Operational & Monitoring Tasks

  • Assist and provide support to project teams for technologies covered under this proposal for monitoring for uptime and performance
  • Act on the suggestions provided by OEM product support team and help plan apply those in the << customer’s name >> environment
  • Assist with technology* configuration changes and maintenance
  • Review log files for technology* on proactive basis to find out potential risks and performance issues
  • Receive operational alerts from technology* product subscription support team and advice and act on them to avoid downtime time or reduce downtime
  • Based on the specific requests, help project teams to optimize technologies (covered under the proposal) configurations

Health Checks

  • Check for compatibility issues with respective technologies (covered under this proposal) and other components involved in deployments and installations
  • Perform periodic health checks of various installations to identify potential risks related to performance bottleneck, security & compliance and patching

Patching And Upgrades

  • Execution for critical upgrade/patches released by technologies (covered under this proposal) OEM team
  • Work with OS and infrastructure team to patch the required technology (covered under this proposal) platform and support during patching activity for underlying platform e.g. – libraries, OS etc.
  • Work with << customer’s name >> teams to find the best way for upgrading required technology (as covered under this proposal)

Assisting In Capacity Planning, Performance Testing

  • Based on the specific requests, help project teams to optimize technology* configurations

Consultation On Performance

  • Provide inputs on tuning OS parameters as applicable to the technology*
  • Provide recommendation

Co-ordination With Technology* Support

  • Help coordinate technology* related issues between << customer’s name >>, respective OEM and Ashnik Solution Architects
  • Ashnik Team onsite will manage tickets and issues raised with technology* OEM Support
  • Assist << customer’s Name>> team to identify required patches, upgrade

Out Of Scope

Out Of Scope

  • Covers only current project setup
  • Above tasks only cover Technology*
  • servers covered by valid subscription. The scope excludes any Technology* deployment which is not covered by valid subscription from Technology* OEM.
  • Any product related patches, updates, upgrades and bugs will be assisted on best effort basis based on the support from technology* (OEM).
  • Any new implementations of Technology*
  • Provide product support or bug/ hot fix for product defect for technology* (that comes from OEM as and when they release)
  • Perform any changes in application code to adopt to new features technology*
  • Perform any changes in application code to mitigate security or performance risks highlighted during health checks/maintenance activity
  • Perform any maintenance and operational tasks for other components e.g. application, application servers, etc. during maintenance, patching and upgrades
  • Perform any changes in application code to accommodate a new technology* patch or to work around technology* bug
  • Application-side coding, configuration, or tuning


  • A single point of contact will be required for taking care of logistics and managing the onsite engagements with various teams at client site
  • Ashnik would like to engage with Solution Architecture, Development and Support teams to understand various usage patterns and challenges around technology* usage and deployment.
  • Ashnik may need to collect data on existing setup and architecture. If there is a need for additional NDA, it should be finalized and signed before commencing the engagement.
  • We may provide some prerequisites for parameters and other setup to be put in place before onsite engagement starts
  • Access to relevant systems, login and authorization setup to relevant servers for remote or onsite intervention and effective support.

Duration Of Contract

  • Min 1 Year

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