Backup and Replication Services

Key Challenges

Data availability is one of the most critical areas of any IT ecosystem. Reason why, IT Administrators and DBAs generally face these challenges:

  • Making sure that the data is available to the business.
  • Minimize the loss of data and transaction during a failure.
  • Minimize the time spent on recovering the database post failure.
  • Setup of Disaster Recovery site for instances of major failure.
  • Make an appropriate choice from various High Availability methods and tools available.
  • Identify the appropriate replication technology and mode available.
  • Setup load balancing to keep the database available for concurrent requests.

What do we offer?

  • We help you identify and implement right replication technology based on your setup and key requirements, e.g. Synchronous or Asynchronous replication, Snapshot or Change Data replication, continuous or scheduled replication, single master or multi-master replication, heterogeneous replication to/from Oracle or SQL Server.
  • We help you implement High Availability setup suited to your needs from the varied available choices of HA methodologies e.g. EnterpriseDB Postgres Plus Fail over Manager, Red Hat Cluster Suit, pg pool, Streaming Replication etc.
  • We setup your Disaster Recovery site and support your team to carry out a mock disaster response activity.
  • We help you identify your backup needs based on your recovery criteria and align your backup strategy according to your business needs.

Benefits to the Customer

  • Choice of tools starting with vastly available open source or commercially available tools.
  • Expertise of a skillful team who has successfully implemented these setups for business critical workloads. e.g. We helped a customer to setup asynchronous replication scaling up to 1000 transactions per second with continuous synchronization.
  • We work with your team to make sure HA, DR and replication setup can co-exist.
  • We help setup a backup policy which aligns with the High Availability and Disaster strategies.
  • We work on a success based pricing – If we implement successfully, only then do we charge.

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