Database Migration and Upgrade

Key Challenges

With the fast pace of technological advances and businesses environments, migration to a new technology or upgrade to the latest (but stable) version often becomes a business need. Though they bring with them benefits of cost savings, better response time, more capacity etc., they don’t come without any challenges. Database migration or upgrade has to be addressed with careful considerations such as:

  • Estimating the effort.
  • Getting the right approach.
  • Knowing the compatibility of database objects after migration.
  • Validating the objects in the database.
  • Ensuring seamless transition with minimal downtime.

What do we offer?

Ashnik’s team of PostgreSQL experts with a thorough background in Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server with their structured approach and methodology help you with:

  • Assessment report: Creating reports of detailed object level analysis, result conveying the compatibility quotient of your database, including analysis of your stored procedures, functions, packages and views for any incompatible programming construct or keywords.
  • Effort estimation: Based on the above report, we provide you with a detailed effort estimation with responsibilities outlined clearly.
  • Actual Migration services, inclusive of:
    • Migration of Schema and Structure
    • Data migration
  • Setup of replication for smoother transition and reduced downtime.

Benefits to the Customer

  • Migration/Upgrade is taken up by a highly skilled team experienced in complex migration projects.
  • A compatibility score of your database to assess the risks and effort is known upfront.
  • Migration and Upgrade taken care by automated tools and experts.
  • Support during Testing.
  • Minimized Downtime.

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