Monitoring and Health Check

Key Challenges

‘Prevention is better than cure’ as they say about health, is also applicable to database. If you implement the right monitoring tools and carry out regular health checks of your database, you help in minimizing the business downtime. Since database servers are at the core of many business-critical services, any failures or performance degradation of it can impact multiple services that depend on it. In turn, affecting your business.

If you are a growing company, your hardware, software, and usage patterns might have changed quite frequently as compared to the initial configuration. Hence, it becomes important for you to monitor your database for critical issues or abrupt behaviors on daily basis. Similarly, doing regular health checkups ensure that your database is in good shape and is utilizing all the resources to the fullest.

What do we offer?

Ashnik’s experts help you:

  • Setup the right tools (such as Postgres Enterprise Manager) and train your team on analyzing the results and information on the dashboards.
  • Configure your database to gather statistics on various performance related parameters during your peak hours.
    Check the log files for any issue.
  • Check whether the OS parameters are tuned to provide what is needed for the database.
  • Provide Tuning parameters for the database to maximize what is available.

Benefits to the Customer

Availing services of monitoring and health checks ensure that:

  • Your database does not get slow down with time.
  • Database growth is addressed well in time.
  • System utilization is optimized to maximize database throughout.
  • You get proper diagnostics and resolution of the root cause of your problems plus it helps point out a problem before it becomes critical.
  • Your database can maximize the usage of resources available to it.
  • A health check report of your database is provided to you.
  • your team will be trained by our professionals to conduct daily monitoring of the database server.

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