Remote and Annual Maintenance

Key Challenges

For many organizations, it can be challenging to recruit and retain full time resources who can support their databases effectively. Although a one-time implementation or migration is covered by professional services, there’s always a struggle to support themselves on an ongoing basis.

What do we offer?

Ashnik offers its professional services in a pack of ‘person days’ that can be utilized for maintenance activities around your database. As part of our annual maintenance services pack, you can avail of:

  • Regular health checkups of your database.
  • DBA support during OS or Hardware maintenance activities.
  • Restoring/recovering the database after a failure.
  • Upgrading from one version to next.
  • Assistance during a critical issue being faced in database server or for resolving critical application related issue in database e.g. if you need to tune a poor performing stored procedure.

Benefits to the Customer

  • No need to invest in developing skills or hiring new resources.
  • A ‘trusted resource on demand’ facility for all your PostgreSQL needs.
  • Expertise of certified professionals in maintaining and keeping your database up to date.
  • Tuning the database parameters on a continual basis.
  • Timely upgrade of database.

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