Docker 2-Day Technical Workshop


Today’s businesses are under pressure to digitally transform but are constrained by existing applications and infrastructure while rationalizing an increasingly diverse portfolio of clouds, datacenters and application architectures.

Docker is driving the container movement and is the only container platform provider to address every application across the hybrid cloud. It enables true independence between applications and infrastructure and developers and IT ops to unlock their potential while creating a model for better collaboration and innovation. Want to learn and know more? Attend this 2-Day exclusive Docker workshop led by experts in Singapore. Register to get full details.

The course coverage, details and pre-requisites are as below:

Workshop Agenda:

  • Introduction to Docker
  • Key Docker Concepts
  • Running your first container
  • Dockerfile and baking your first image
  • Docker volume and persistence
  • Setup of Docker UCP
    • Installing UCP application on Docker EE
    • Setting up HA for UCP controllers
    • Setup load-balancer for UCP controller
    • Add worker nodes to UCP
  • Using Client Bundle
  • Introduction to Swarm Service – Run a Swarm Service in UCP
  • Swarm Stack – Run a Swarm Stack in UCP
  • Introduction to Kubernetes
  • Deploying Kubernetes
    • Running a Kubernetes Service in UCP
    • Running a Kubernetes Application in UCP
  • Setting up DTR
  • Using DTR
    • Integrate DTR with your UCP
    • Push image to DTR
    • Pull image from DTR with Kubernetes
    • Pull image from DTR with Swarm
    • Image scanning and Promotion
  • Container networking
    • Swarm Networking Basics
    • Kubernetes Networking Basics
    • Swarm Routing Mesh
    • Layer-7 Routing
    • Deploy an application with Layer-7 Routing Mesh

Workshop Details:

  • Training fees: Enquire here
  • Date: 11 and 12 July, 2018
  • Timing: 9.30 am – 5.30 pm
  • Batch size: 10 participants maximum
  • Location: Singapore

Who is the workshop for?

  • Developers, DevOps Engineer, Solution Architects and System Admin who are using or planning to use Docker
  • Users of Docker/Kubernetes community edition who are looking at migrating to a more secure Enterprise Edition setup


  • Attendees should have basic Linux knowledge and should be comfortable working with command line interface in Linux
  • Attendees should have basic Docker knowledge

What will be provided?

  • 10 Servers with Docker Enterprise Edition installed on it for the duration of the workshop
  • Access to S3 buckets from these servers for image repo

Candidates need to:

  • Register and subscribe for a Trial License of Docker EE
  • Own laptop or terminal to SSH to the servers (Putty or other SSH clients & WinSCP or other SCP clients)
  • Have a Dockerhub account

Delivery Approach:

  • All attendees must attend this class in person. There is no remote access to the training.

Only limited seats, register fast!

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