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Oracle migration workshop :

The Oracle Migration Workshop covers the basics of approaching and handling Oracle Migration Tasks. During the session, our trainer will help you/your team understand how to approach a migration task, how to map the features of Oracle with Postgres and which tools will help complete the migration. This is a hands-on workshop with a real migration scenario which can be demonstrated provided you have an Oracle environment.

Course Coverage:

  • Topics covered during the workshop (1 day):
  • Introduction to PostgreSQL and concept Mapping
  • Identification a candidate and Planning a Migration
  • Database Migration
  • Post Migration
  • EnterpriseDB Postgres Plus Oracle Compatibility Features
  • EnterpriseDB Migration Toolkit
  • Bulk Loading – COPY and EDB Loader
  • Migrating Partitioned and Large Tables
  • Migration Workshop

Training Details:

  • Recommended for: Teams who have organizational goal of large scale migration of multiple Oracle databases to PostgreSQL. Most topics in this workshop would also be applicable for those aiming to migrate from other proprietary databases e.g. Microsoft SQL Server.

Training Pre-requisites:

  • Prior experience of working with PostgreSQL is preferred and it is highly recommended to take the ‘Foundation of Postgres Administration’ course before attending this workshop. Basic understanding of Relational Database concept will help in overall understanding of concepts and similarities between databases. Familiarity with SQL language is highly recommended. Familiarity with Linux platform and commands will be helpful in better understanding of lab sessions.

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