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“We knew what was happening: where we failed was in applying our knowledge effectively…”Before I tell who said this and in what context, let us reflect on this quote some more time. We find many organisations in a similar situation or similar mindset i.e. not taking (enough) action even when they know they have to. Especially when we talk about Cloud and Big Data technologies to organisations, we find that they are ready to talk, engage but are not ready to […]

Recently, as a speaker in Big Data World Show in Malaysia, I had an opportunity to meet diverse range of customers across all industries. The atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm and curiosity about Big Data. However, after talking to many of them, I noticed that there was more than just the curiosity. The air was pregnant with uncertainties and concerns on implementation of Big Data Strategies. The “Big” part of Big Data is acting like a double edged sword. On one […]

“…. But what is Big Data? “, “What technologies are called Big Data?”, “Where do I start off?”, “How do I get budget for Big Data project?” These are the commonly heard questions when you meet enterprises and drop a word ‘Big Data’. Many times it is greeted with sarcastic smile or looked down upon as a sales pitch. Unfortunately, there is an element of truth behind that sarcasm and disdain for sales pitch. Big Data has become a buzz word […]