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Computing is evolving. It’s likely that the forces described by Moore’s Law and Dennard Scaling will mean that many of the ideas that we’ve associated with technological advancement will change. It won’t be about faster, cheaper, and smaller computers in the year 2025; prediction and where we apply it will be the big story. Most readers will be old enough to remember what photography was like in 1995.  We bought film, took photos and hoped for the best when we dropped […]

May be its time to look at creating Pentaho Data Service. In recent years, many of the enterprise customers are inclined to build self-service analytics, where members in specific business users have on-demand access to query the data. This not only helps enhancing the IT productivity, but also empowers the business users to perform a quick analysis. Many organizations which need to blend and visualize large data sets find it challenging to build the data warehouse. This is where building Pentaho Data […]

Durian and Big Data – Does that sound correct? You might wonder what is the relationship of Durian and Big Data. Apart from both these things appearing exotic, is there anything else? But yes, you read it correctly – the world of Durian is changing by application of Big Data concepts.  In my latest visit to Malaysia, I came across the case how one of our partners in Malaysia is transforming Durian Supply Chain Management by application of Big Data. The […]

  Date: 12th April 2016 | 2.00 – 2.30 PM IST | 4:30 – 5:00 PM SGT Register for the Hangout here and add to your  Catch our Google Hangout to see and learn how to build Data Integration and Transformations using Pentaho. It helps you transform the data and allows you to easily access, prepare, analyze and immediately derive value from both traditional and big data sources. This hangout session will showcase the Data Integration capabilities of Pentaho which helps in building data transformations, through two demonstrations: How to […]