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In the current fast moving world, where time is precious and counted in terms of everything, can we imagine ourselves sitting in front of a laptop waiting for a webpage to open? How many of you reading this blog remember the days waiting to download grades report from the university site on the results day? That was an era before HA (High Availability). Why HA and Failover Manager? The real challenge for HA came in with the time constraint. For example, consider […]

There is a rapid growth in adoption of Cloud database in Asia now. There were some major challenges a couple of years ago as highlighted by Sachin Dabir (CEO, Ashnik) in his blog in 2014. Sachin had concluded his blog with elements which would bring about the change we are witnessing today, and he was apt in many ways. Things have evolved rapidly since then and they continue to evolve. Internal policies have been revised and regulatory requirements have either been […]