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Singapore is easily any techie’s dream city. This little island harnesses technology to the fullest to better the lives of its residents by creating more opportunities, building strong infrastructure and designing a digital foundation. It is moving towards the vision of becoming the world’s first smart nation. So what is that you may ask? A smart nation means people and businesses are empowered through increased access to data, people are closely involved by contributing towards innovative ideas and solutions to everyday problems, […]

Who says creativity is only for people from art or media backgrounds? We, the serious corporate-types need it a lot more ourselves. To break our monotonous work styles and fill our minds with some originality and freshness. In fact, the want of creativity from corporate employees is rising in this age of rapid technological advancement. Akin to what this global, multibillion dollar conglomerate and also everyone’s favourite search engine, Google, uniquely implemented as an organization. They set up something known as […]

Being a parent is a life changer. It gives you a whole different perspective on the obvious things around you. I noticed that while I was teaching my son about everyday things, I kept learning from him about coping with life. Not so strange considering these tiny humans are highly capable already, and are simply looking to us for clarity, direction and support. So what can we take from the realm of bringing up a baby that translates back to the […]

Little Island. Big flavours. When someone thinks Singapore, they think of glossy malls flaunting assorted luxury brands, throngs of shoppers and dozens of shopping bags dangling from well-manicured fingers! There’s one more thing to our Singapura – which it’s very famed for – FOOD! Yes, it’s a foodies’ paradise, a vibrant blend of diverse flavours and cuisines. I recently learnt that apparently food is so beloved to Singaporeans that, in some languages and dialects here, they’ve actually swapped “how are you?” […]