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Who says creativity is only for people from art or media backgrounds? We, the serious corporate-types need it a lot more ourselves. To break our monotonous work styles and fill our minds with some originality and freshness. In fact, the want of creativity from corporate employees is rising in this age of rapid technological advancement. Akin to what this global, multibillion dollar conglomerate and also everyone’s favourite search engine, Google, uniquely implemented as an organization. They set up something known as […]

ABC Company was pleased after its first meeting with representatives of a major Japanese firm. The Japanese had nodded assent throughout the meeting and had not objected to a single proposal. The next day, however, ABC Company was stunned to learn that the Japanese had rejected the entire plan. In interpreting the nonverbal behavioural messages, the company had made a typical mistake. They assumed the Japanese were nodding in agreement. In this case, however, the nods of assent indicated comprehension—not approval. A Filipino receptionist […]