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As we approach year end, our EDB team was inspired to take a look back at our blog posts from the year and see what topics resonated the most with our readers. Here is a Top 10 recap of your favorites from 2017. 10. Pgpool II Keeps Pace With Demands of Today’s Architectures and Workloads This blog is about Pgpool II, the middleware product that sits between the PostgreSQL server and database clients. Coming in at #10 for 2017, our readers […]

The EDB Postgres™ Ark from EnterpriseDB®(EDB™) is a Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) framework for hybrid cloud deployments of Postgres to private and public clouds. In a previous blog, I wrote about the advantages of developer self-service with the EDB Postgres Ark. The EDB Postgres Ark 2.1 is now available. In addition to supporting deployments on OpenStack®, EDB Postgres Ark 2.1 also supports deployments on Amazon Web Services™ (AWS). To introduce benefits and capabilities of the EDB Postgres Ark, my colleague, Jason Davis, and […]