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Introduction: Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) helps to uncover the underlying structure of data and its dynamics through which we can maximize the insights. EDA is also critical to extract important variables and to detect outliers and anomalies. Even though there are many algorithms in Machine Learning, EDA is one of the most critical parts to understand and drive the business. In this part of the article, I am going to talk about installation and configuration of Elasticsearch and Kibana with an […]

A miniature racing track with curves and slopes. 4 remote controlled speed cars by 4 different players. People cheering for the winner. After every lap, the players would swap the cars (thereby getting a chance to race on different track with different turning angles). Here we were, witnessing an interesting racing scenario. What was odd about it – It was not a gaming zone, it was a tech convention (ElasticON). And the purpose of this race was to demonstrate how one […]

For every organisation, their digital transformation journey is unique to themselves – each business with their classified demands take on custom digital solutions in order to achieve their goals. No two digital transformation projects can ever be the same. That’s what makes it so fascinating. The year 2018 will be seeing a gush in businesses globally making impactful changes to their digital operations in an effort to boost customer engagement and make their IT processes effortless and automated. Technologies like AI […]

Log analysis has become a critical need of every business to improve their operational performance in IT and business. Today organizations generate massive amount of data from various aspects of their operations causing radical and unprecedented growth of log files. With data amounting to terabytes and more, it’s posing a big challenge for organizations to perform effective log analytics using traditional software. As business activities and transactions continue to exponentially grow, it’s becoming increasingly more challenging to store, process and analyze […]