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Companies now are harnessing technologies and innovations such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Augmentation, Machine Learning, IoT, Mobility, and Cloud to bring us disruptive products. From being surrounded by technologies like digital assistants aka Alexa and Google Home or smart vacuum cleaners like Roomba & Soomba. Or having smartwatches that are tracking our lifestyle and activities to rain sensing wipers for our cars. Technology is playing a great deal in transforming our lives. While, these technologies may have felt like POC’s just a few […]

In the recent Docker Virtual Event, Unveiling Docker Enterprise Edition 2.0, we demonstrated some of the key new capabilities of the Docker Enterprise Edition – the enterprise-ready container platform that enables IT leaders to choose how to cost-effectively build and manage their entire application portfolio at their own pace, without fear of architecture and infrastructure lock-in. Designed to address enterprise customers’ needs, these net-new features extend across both Swarm and Kubernetes (Part 1 of this blog) and across Windows and Linux applications (Part […]

Everyone today is talking digital, walking digital and going digital. The process of digital transformation isn’t a one-time project, but a constant state of fluidity that requires enterprises to continually adapt and transform. Whether its massive organisations or individuals like us, digitization has been steadily moulding our existence. In another couple of years, most of us will have complete digitally-reliant lives; and we have already embarked on that journey. Reason why, the world today seems like an innovation lab beaming with […]

I often come across a debate amongst techies about ‘speed vs relevance’ while they are building search/ retrieval information applications. It is an important consideration for this kind of an application. However, there is no single answer to it. I am going to share how I approach this challenge. I start by asking 2 questions: How long do you wait on a page if you are searching for something and waiting for the result? Few secs, few milliseconds? No, we are […]

Today, Pentaho delivered Pentaho Business Analytics 7.1. The team has been working extremely hard on this release and in our eyes, it is much more than just a ‘dot’ release. Highlights of this release include: adaptive execution on any engine for big data processing, starting with Spark; expanded cloud integration with Microsoft Azure; enterprise-level security for Hortonworks, and improved in-line visualizations. One of the areas that I am most excited about is our new support for Microsoft Azure’s HDInsight and Azure […]

Seated in a majestic meeting room situated on the 60th floor of one of the iconic buildings in downtown Singapore, I was revelling in the magnificent skyline view of the city while pondering upon its incredible transformation journey – from a small fishing sea side village (Temasek) to its current form (Singapura), the lion city. As I sat there enamoured by the spectacular glory of the city, the CIO of a top tier regional bank entered the room with a big […]

While designing a database system most of the time you have to pick a compromise between availability, durability, performance and cost. Most of the time system design prefers being fast by default, thereby leaving a question about its durability need. Postgres community has a different approach to this problem. Postgres does have several options that can be used for performance gains while maintaining the durability aspect. A combination of Postgres features like synchronous replication and EDB’s Failover Manager is one of […]

“How big are you?” My team tells me that this is most frequently asked question during initial meetings with customers- and a perfectly valid one. A customer looking for a partnership wants to know more about us, and they rightfully should. I’ve answered such questions countless times throughout my professional career. The typically answers involved the number of people in the company, revenue, geographic spread, etc. Were customers entirely satisfied? Yes and no. They received basic information they asked for, yes. But […]

Ashnik was pleased to be a Silver sponsor at Postgres Vision Conference  2016 – Open Source Data Management, in San Fransisco, on October 11-13 2016. The preeminent conference was hosted by one of our principal technology partners, EnterpriseDB along with MIT Technology Review to define the future of enterprise Postgres and open source data management. The event saw thought leadership, collaboration, and networking with the brightest minds and companies defining the future of enterprise Postgres and open source data management. Postgres Vision will showcased enterprises and organizations […]