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Is your organization asking you to modernize a traditional app that uses old code to make it simpler to deploy and more scalable based on customer demand – what to do? Scott Johnston, COO and Michael Friis, Product Manager at Docker will highlight two use cases that demonstrate how Docker and Microsoft are working together to help developers and IT-Pros build and deploy hybrid apps using Docker Enterprise Edition that span on-premises and Azure. Scott and Michael will also show how to use Docker […]

“How big are you?” My team tells me that this is most frequently asked question during initial meetings with customers- and a perfectly valid one. A customer looking for a partnership wants to know more about us, and they rightfully should. I’ve answered such questions countless times throughout my professional career. The typically answers involved the number of people in the company, revenue, geographic spread, etc. Were customers entirely satisfied? Yes and no. They received basic information they asked for, yes. But […]

While looking into various areas inside the organization is important, it’s equally important to look around while preparing for the year 2016. As a CIO you would have planned your organization’s IT landscape considering your business needs, IT budget and IT trends and must be ready to go ahead full steam. One of the key preparations for a successful IT journey is to look around, which gives useful insights on some of the key areas. Here are some of the factors […]