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Oracle is forcing SE customers to possibly buy new hardware and reconfigure their applications; suffer potential performance degradation; and face enormous cost increases for upgrading to Enterprise Edition – if they exceed license restrictions either now or in the future. Recently, Oracle has eliminated SE and SE1 database license options beginning with its release and replaced them with a new version called Oracle SE2. SE2 will cost 20% more than SE1, and while the same price as SE, it will […]

Migrating a software (application or database or any layer) that is running on one vendor’s platform to another vendor’s platform is never easy or risk-free. Same applies to relational databases as well. Though fundamentally all the relational database are supposed to adhere to same relational theory, but commercial products have some vendor specific implementations of commands and functions. For example relational databases generally adhere to ANSI-SQL syntax, but there are exceptions while they try to comply with ANSI standards. In my day job […]