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Well, many of you would wonder why this question is being raised again. Considering that open source has been around for over 25 years and has been an integral part of your enterprise software needs. You might even be thinking, ‘does it matter if it is open source or not, since everything I am consuming is a cloud-based service’. The common thread in these arguments is that enterprises have started taking open source software for granted and it has become an […]

There is a rapid growth in adoption of Cloud database in Asia now. There were some major challenges a couple of years ago as highlighted by Sachin Dabir (CEO, Ashnik) in his blog in 2014. Sachin had concluded his blog with elements which would bring about the change we are witnessing today, and he was apt in many ways. Things have evolved rapidly since then and they continue to evolve. Internal policies have been revised and regulatory requirements have either been […]

Interest in Postgres has risen to equal that of MySQL and IBM DB2 based on inquiries received by industry analyst firm Gartner, according to Gartner analyst Merv Adrian, who delivered that message during a panel at the recent Postgres Vision conference. Advances in Postgres have accelerated with the pace of business and organizations are turning to the EDB Postgres Platform from EnterpriseDB® (EDB™) for flexibility and speed-to-solution offered by the open source-based solution. EDB Postgres is a leading open source-based database […]