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Well, many of you would wonder why this question is being raised again. Considering that open source has been around for over 25 years and has been an integral part of your enterprise software needs. You might even be thinking, ‘does it matter if it is open source or not, since everything I am consuming is a cloud-based service’. The common thread in these arguments is that enterprises have started taking open source software for granted and it has become an […]

NGINX Unit is a new, lightweight, open source application server built to meet the demands of today’s dynamic and distributed applications. Deploy configuration changes with no service disruptions. Run code in multiple languages. Build the foundation of your service mesh. An application server – and much much more. With Microservices architecture becoming a norm, Organizations are now deploying new features and functionalities more frequently. The NGINX Application Platform enables teams to build or modernize applications with the most efficient DevOps tools […]

Using UCP HRM for rolling upgrade This post demonstrates how you can use Docker Enterprise Edition for CI/CD and rolling upgrade. The post uses a simple html file and Nginx image to explain and demonstrate how you can Use HTTP Routing Mesh (HRM) feature of UCP Use HRM for rolling upgrade Use Jenkins and Github along with Docker for continuous deployments The commands provided here are for example purpose but most of them can also be used in a sandbox environment […]

NGINX, an open source, high-performance HTTP server, reverse proxy, and IMAP/POP3 proxy server, has gained popularity as a load balancer of choice for enterprise grade deployments. NGINX provides a software-based application delivery platform that load balances HTTP and TCP applications at a fraction of the cost of hardware solutions. In addition to being open source, scalable, and easier to maintain, the key reason why many organizations require NGINX Plus as load balancer is because it provides a more flexible development environment, […]

Partnership Provides Scalable, Flexible NGINX Plus Solution for Building Data Centers and Replacing Legacy Load Balancers  NGINX, Inc. the engine delivering sites and applications for the modern web, today announced it has appointed Ashnik, one of the leading providers of open source solutions in Southeast Asia (SEA) and India, as its exclusive distribution partner in India. Ashnik, a highly focused group of senior industry professionals, offers technology solutions based on open source, cloud, and leading technologies to help address dynamically changing […]

Drupal is an open source Content Management System that allows you to organize, manage and publish your content. It’s presence is growing manifolds in application development landscape.  Based on PHP which is a scripting language, Drupal is easy to learn, easy to use and quick to move to production. Most of the Drupal sites use traditional web servers which may pose performance limitations when the site demands rapid scalability. The architecture of Drupal has following layers:   NGINX as an application delivery […]

In today’s world users expect applications and websites to be accessible 24×7. This means ensuring not only performance but high availability of website and applications. Keepalived provides the keepalive daemon for Linux servers, an implementation of the Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) to manage virtual routers (virtual IP addresses), and a health check facility to determine whether a service is up and operational. If a service on a node fails the configured number of health checks, keepalived reassigns the virtual IP […]


Date: 4th November, 2015 Time: 1400 IST | 1630 SGT | 0830 GMT Click here to register Catch our Google Hangout on: Flawless Application Delivery using Nginx Plus By leveraging these latest features: Support for HTTP/2 standard Thread pools and socket sharding and how it can help improve performance NTLM support and new TCP security enhancements Advanced NGINX Plus monitoring, management and visibility of health & load checks Catch this exclusive Google Hangout live! About the speaker: Sandeep Khuperkar, Director and CTO […]

NGINX Plus is a trusted, supported & secured platform for Application Delivery. NGINX Plus combines web server with load balancer, content cache, and media deliver into a high performance Application Deliver Platform (ADP). NGINX Plus as a crucial component of application delivery platform plays a key role in serving the modern web: Microservices : Microservices is a methodology for scaling applications by breaking them down into a suite of small independent services. NGINX Plus helps bind these services together. It gives […]