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You must be hearing the term Polyglot Persistence quite often. So I thought, why not take our readers through what exactly it is, the role it plays and more. Let’s start with the basics – Polyglot Persistence is the idea of using various, right-fitting databases to store data for either single or multiple applications. In the new-age world, most applications need to connect with multiple databases; and each with different types of data stored in different ways. This is where Polyglot […]

MongoDB for Developers: 3-day comprehensive classroom training MongoDB and Ashnik bring you a 3-day comprehensive training for Developers to accelerate your learning with in-person sessions run by certified MongoDB trainers. MongoDB for Developers will be delivered on site with a curriculum that can be tailored to your specific needs and interest areas. It offers hands-on experience with MongoDB use cases based on years of field experience. This training is recommended for software engineers who want to have a strong understanding of MongoDB fundamentals […]

In this day and age of Big data, where data is raw material of business and is mined, analyzed to get precious information, organizations cannot afford to lose data. Recently we came across a requirement where customer who is one of the leading insurance providers in South East Asia. The Customer wanted the data on their agent’s (field agents) devices to be uploaded onto a common server. This was  particularly required to ensure that the data on the device is not lost […]

Last year our team was quite busy assisting our customers on some varied technical assignments. Engagements ranged from consulting on highly scalable web-centric applications to designing Big Data solution to implementation of highly available database and web-infrastructure. During these engagements we saw that some database trends were quite dominant viz the adoption of Big Data, need to store unstructured data, scalable web facing application etc. The engagements and discussions we had last year left us pondering about where does it go […]