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“…. But what is Big Data? “, “What technologies are called Big Data?”, “Where do I start off?”, “How do I get budget for Big Data project?” These are the commonly heard questions when you meet enterprises and drop a word ‘Big Data’. Many times it is greeted with sarcastic smile or looked down upon as a sales pitch. Unfortunately, there is an element of truth behind that sarcasm and disdain for sales pitch. Big Data has become a buzz word […]

Like any 6 years old, young company we have been through and still going through complexities of team building and organizational growth. Our challenges are very different than 200+ people organization, nevertheless we have to address them. One of the most important questions that we have to face is in front of the customers. Who we are, why should customer trust us, why should customer give business to us, would we be around in one year to provide continued services etc. […]

What is the ultimate winning combination in the enterprise software business? Surely, large scale adoption, revenue generation, profitability and innovation are key things. However there is one important aspect that separates short term winners and long term legends. I feel open source software industry (collectively) is at this stage – of becoming long term legend. While open source software community has long been admired for its ability to create alternatives to proprietary software, it has earned huge fan following in recent […]