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For every organisation, their digital transformation journey is unique to themselves – each business with their classified demands take on custom digital solutions in order to achieve their goals. No two digital transformation projects can ever be the same. That’s what makes it so fascinating. The year 2018 will be seeing a gush in businesses globally making impactful changes to their digital operations in an effort to boost customer engagement and make their IT processes effortless and automated. Technologies like AI […]

The neon-lit streets of Hong Kong was Red-hued during my recent visit there. Chinese New Year preparations was all around with glittery red lanterns, oranges, Mandarin trees filling up the surroundings. The light evening breeze flowing across the harbor was carrying the mesmerizing tunes of melodious oriental music. And the famous Hong Kong skyline with its splash of colors was adding a special effect to the ongoing CNY preparations. In between the meetings, my business partner was busy planning which platforms […]

Hailing from an application programming background, Open Source was not an unheard term to me. I still remember the excitement in the techie world around me 20 years back, when Linux became available to download. Many project-mates downloaded it instantly and were running it on their systems enthusiastically. For a period of time, lunch discussions used to be only about experiments with Linux. I was always a usability and functionality fan than a technology buff. Business use cases fascinated me more […]