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The list of new features coming in PostgreSQL 10 is extremely impressive.  I’ve been involved in the PostgreSQL project since the 8.4 release cycle (2008-2009), and I’ve never seen anything like this.  Many people have already blogged about these features elsewhere; my purpose here is just to bring together a list of the features that, in my opinion, are the biggest new things that we can expect to see in PostgreSQL 10. [Disclaimers: (1) Other people may have different opinions.  (2) […]

The new EDB Postgres™ Platform 2017 from EnterpriseDB® (EDB™) gives enterprises the capability, performance, and reliability they need with the flexibility and ease of provisioning required by modern DevOps. A core component of the Platform is the EDB Postgres™ Advanced Server database, a version of Postgres that EnterpriseDB has enhanced with enterprise-class performance, security, manageability, and developer capabilities. The new EDB Postgres Platform 2017 rolled out a new version of the database, EDB Postgres Advanced Server 9.6. (Read the press release […]

Just a decade ago, most of the organizations had their databases running on fixed hardware configurations on in-house datacentres. Organizations used to have own infrastructure teams and had to manage on-premise database servers along with the assets it requires. Organizations had to allocate large portion of their IT budgets on this infrastructure support to carry these assets. A few years down the line, when these fixed on-premise configurations would become obsolete with the growing needs, businesses found it difficult to address […]

Ashnik was pleased to be a Silver sponsor at Postgres Vision Conference  2016 – Open Source Data Management, in San Fransisco, on October 11-13 2016. The preeminent conference was hosted by one of our principal technology partners, EnterpriseDB along with MIT Technology Review to define the future of enterprise Postgres and open source data management. The event saw thought leadership, collaboration, and networking with the brightest minds and companies defining the future of enterprise Postgres and open source data management. Postgres Vision will showcased enterprises and organizations […]

Cloud is already a key IT platform for large enterprises and database in cloud will be the next big leap. Most of the new age companies who started operations in the last decade have already reaped the benefits of database in a cloud environment or Database-as-a-Service. But there has been some resistance at certain enterprise levels, when it comes to putting database in Cloud. We can feel this resistance whenever there is a discussion about cloud adoption with enterprises in retail, banking, […]

EnterpriseDB® (EDB™), the leading enterprise Postgres database company, today announced the immediate availability of the EDB Postgres™ platform, an enterprise class, integrated open source-based database management platform. The EDB Postgres platform enables a wide range of deployment topologies; integrates EDB’s mature, enterprise-ready Postgres database with other leading data management solutions; and offers a specialized partner ecosystem for new, more agile deployment models. It enables federated enterprise data management, integrates Postgres with MongoDB and Hadoop, and improves DevOps and Database-as-a-Service with OpenStack […]