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Hailing from an application programming background, Open Source was not an unheard term to me. I still remember the excitement in the techie world around me 20 years back, when Linux became available to download. Many project-mates downloaded it instantly and were running it on their systems enthusiastically. For a period of time, lunch discussions used to be only about experiments with Linux. I was always a usability and functionality fan than a technology buff. Business use cases fascinated me more […]

The industry and businesses have gone through some high impact technology waves – such as MRP, ERP, client server architecture, Internet, 3 tier architecture, SaaS, PaaS, Cloud etc. Impact of these technologies or waves have largely transformed organization’s internal processes and IT architecture. In other words, businesses have responded to the technological developments and adopted them to improve their business parameters. However, what we are witnessing now is a totally different paradigm. While businesses continue to adopt these technologies and try […]

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a conceptual, structural and operational blueprint of an enterprise along with human and technology resources. It conveys the current and future state of an enterprise and its transformation roadmap in terms of process, information, technology and people. This helps organization address rapidly changing business environment and developments in technology. Enterprise Architecture is about Enterprises (i.e. Organizations) and not about business or IT individually. Although, Information Technology handles the core of EA in the digital world, it is […]