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Date: 1st February 2017 | 2.00 – 2.30 PM IST | 4:30 – 5:00 PM SGT Cloud – Private or Public cloud – has become default platform for developing and deploying business critical applications. We find that more and more customers are moving their databases too on the cloud platform.  When you move to Cloud as a platform some of the usual infrastructure approaches do not hold true e.g. a floating IP is not allocated at network level but ​usually is assigned to a […]

Ashnik recently brought EDB certified PostgreSQL training to Singapore for PostgreSQL DBAs and aspiring DBAs, Application Developers – designed by our panel of experienced DBAs – with expertise in Customer Implementation, Tuning, Health check, Oracle migration, HA and DR setups. – EDB Certified Comprehensive PostgreSQL Training(5 Days) – Foundation of PostgreSQL Administration(3 Days) Dates: 12th – 16th December 2016 Feedback from our trainees is of paramount importance to make every future training better and ensuring it caters to your needs effectively. Hear what our trainees […]

Cloud is already a key IT platform for large enterprises and database in cloud will be the next big leap. Most of the new age companies who started operations in the last decade have already reaped the benefits of database in a cloud environment or Database-as-a-Service. But there has been some resistance at certain enterprise levels, when it comes to putting database in Cloud. We can feel this resistance whenever there is a discussion about cloud adoption with enterprises in retail, banking, […]

We keep having so many conversations with our customers, technology associates and regional partners across various geographies, and no discussion is really different. It commonly revolves around the need of different types of databases and the different data-models. For starters, an ISV vendor who is currently using a noSQL store to store unstructured data for events form sensors (in JSON format); wanted to know if that can actually be merged with relational data and stored together in a relational database. I […]

Earlier in April I was in Brooklyn attending pgConf US, one of the largest Postgres conferences on the planet. It was a great chance to get an hands of experience of attending and learning about how large conferences. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet various contributors, developers and committers of PostgreSQL Community. I had an invitation from the organizing committee to moderate the panel discussion on Modern Data Management for Enterprises. The panel had representation from popular noSQL technologies, managed database […]

Last month I got a chance to meet and interview Bruce Momjian, a core member of PostgreSQL community and Senior Database Architect at EnterpriseDB. He was in Singapore for pgDay Asia 2016 and FOSSASIA 2016. I got a chance to spend a good amount of time with him and discuss various aspects of Postgres development and adoption. He was quite excited to be in South East Asia for the first time and appreciative of efforts by Ashnik for “getting Postgres started in […]

For the last few weeks, I have been spending a lot of time on logistics and other aspects of organizing a PostgreSQL event in Singapore – pgDay Asia 2016 . Well, it is not any event but the first ever pan-Asia Postgres conference covering Asia and Pacific. It is a 2-day conference to be held along with FOSSASIA  in Singapore. The first day of the event is a dedicated day for Postgres related talks and will be on 17th March 2016. […]