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Exhausted from a busy day at the field with back to back customer meetings, our whole team headed for the newly opened Kopitiam across our office building. The scorching sun made even a little walk to our usual joint at Lau Pa Sat little impractical, particularly on a hot humid day. A smiling, warm face welcomed us all to the Coffee shop, asked us our names and specific choices of caffeine for our drained systems. The next day happened to be […]

While talking about and planning for Digital Transformation, we have covered lot of elements of enterprise side of the IT. There is one more important aspect that is an integral part of Digital Transformation, and that is role of social media. Most enterprise IT product and technology vendors would not talk about it, but as IT solution provider, now a days, we see intersection of social media with enterprise IT quite a lot. Hence I decided to talk about it. Just […]