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The new EDB Postgres™ Platform 2017 from EnterpriseDB® (EDB™) gives enterprises the capability, performance, and reliability they need with the flexibility and ease of provisioning required by modern DevOps. A core component of the Platform is the EDB Postgres™ Advanced Server database, a version of Postgres that EnterpriseDB has enhanced with enterprise-class performance, security, manageability, and developer capabilities. The new EDB Postgres Platform 2017 rolled out a new version of the database, EDB Postgres Advanced Server 9.6. (Read the press release […]

To say the database market is evolving would be a gross understatement. New data types and sophisticated new analytic requirements, combined with increasing pressure to lower costs without sacrificing functionality is ushering in an era of great change and great opportunity in the database market. And today’s customers are taking advantage of that change. With such a wide range of new and innovative platforms on the market, customers are increasingly seeking efficiency not by consolidating around a single database, as they […]

Migrating a software (application or database or any layer) that is running on one vendor’s platform to another vendor’s platform is never easy or risk-free. Same applies to relational databases as well. Though fundamentally all the relational database are supposed to adhere to same relational theory, but commercial products have some vendor specific implementations of commands and functions. For example relational databases generally adhere to ANSI-SQL syntax, but there are exceptions while they try to comply with ANSI standards. In my day job […]