Tech Insights Quiz Part A

The Tech Insights Quiz


Please fill in the answers and press submit. PART B questions will be screened after Tea break. Winners will be declared at the end of the event. Good luck!

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1. What does MTA stand for? *

Microservices To Automation
Modernize Traditional Applications
Managing Tools and Apps
2. What helps in running individual Microservices, making it possible to be truly portable?*

Automation Tools
3. For what unique feature of Docker EE, the banking customer in Singapore who is using Openshift and Cloudfoundry, is revisiting its Container strategy and considering using Docker EE instead? *

Application Isolation + Routing Mesh
Security and Access Control + Integration and Portability
They are not considering Docker EE
4. What are the 3 enterprise requirements that Docker EE satisfies? *

Code, Containerize, Construct
Choice, Agility and Security
Build, Balance, Deliver