At Ashnik, we work closely with technology providers and enterprise users to put in action their digital transformation objectives. Leveraging on our open source technology portfolio and skills, we offer custom solutions to our enterprise customers in Southeast Asia and India. Some of our key offerings:

EDB Postgres

EDB Postgres is an open source Database Platform enabling digital transformation. It delivers a premium open source-based, multi-model data platform for new applications, cloud re-platforming, application modernization, and legacy database migration.


Docker is a leader in the containerization market with an integrated technology suite. It provides an open source engine to Developers and IT teams with the freedom to build, pack, ship, manage and secure business-critical applications that run virtually anywhere.

Redis Labs

Modern businesses depend on the power of real-time data. With Redis Labs, organizations deliver instant experiences in a highly reliable and scalable manner. Redis Labs brings Redis, the world’s most popular in-memory database, and commercial provider of Redis Enterprise.


MongoDB, known as being the best in its class, cost efficient and reliable NoSQL database solution, is the leading Document based database. Businesses globally use MongoDB today to build a better & faster product with the freedom to run it on any platform.


NGINX Application Platform powers Load Balancers, Microservices and API gateways. The NGINX Suite transforms the modern web architectures to deliver compelling user experiences and thereby improving customer engagement, retention and conversion rate.


HashiCorp solves development, operations, and security challenges in infrastructure so organizations can focus on business-critical tasks.


Founded by the original developers of Apache Kafka, Confluent delivers the most complete distribution of Kafka with Confluent Platform. The platform improves Kafka with its additional commercial features designed to enhance the streaming experience of both operators and developers in production, at a massive scale.


The Sysdig Platform instantly secures, monitors, and analyzes data from almost any perspective. It pulls together the richest sources of data from system calls, kubernetes events, Prometheus metrics, statsD, JMX, and others – to give you the most comprehensive picture of your environment’s performance, health, and risk.

Elastic Stack

Making sense of your data is an inevitable part of any digital transformation project. Elastic stack, (ELK) built on an open source foundation is used for Data Search, Log Analysis, Analytics and Visualize in real time using Logstash, Beats & Kibana.


Pentaho’s Big Data technology solutions help enterprises in their digital transformation journey by turning information into insights using Pentaho’s Data Integration and Business Analytics Suite. It also lets you manage and process data in hybrid & multi-cloud environments.