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Mongodb For Administrator

This course teaches operations teams how to successfully deploy and maintain MongoDB, diagnose performance issues, import and export data from MongoDB, and establish the proper backup and restore routines. After completing this training, participants should be able to deploy and administer MongoDB applications following best practices. The agenda for the course is outlined below. Please contact with any questions.

Course Outline:

Day 1

  • Introduction
  • Warm Up
  • MongoDB Overview
  • MongoDB Stores Documents
  • Storage Engiens
  • Lab: Installing and Configuring MongoDB
  • CRUD
  • Creating and Deleting Documents
  • Reading Documents
  • Query Operators
  • Lab: Finding Documents
  • Updating Documents
  • Lab: Updating Documents
  • Indexes
  • Index Fundamentals
  • Compound Indexes
  • Lab: Optimizing and Index
  • Multikey Indexes
  • Hashed Indexes
  • Geospatial Indexes
  • TTL Indexes
  • Text Indexes
  • Lab: Finding and Addressing Slow Operations
  • Lab: Using explain()
  • Replica Sets
  • Introduction to Replica Sets

Day 2

  • Replica Sets, Continued
  • Elections in Replica Sets
  • Replica Set Roles and Configuration
  • The Oplog: Statement-Based Replication
  • Lab: Working with the Oplog
  • Write Concern
  • Read Preference
  • Lab: Setting Up a Replica Set
  • Sharding
  • Introduction to Sharding
  • Balancing Shards
  • Shard Tags
  • Lab: Setting Up a Sharded Cluster
  • Reporting Tools and Diagnostics
  • Performance Troubleshooting

Day 3

  • Backup and Recovery
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Security
  • Security
  • Lab: Creating an Admin User
  • Lab: Creating a readWrite user
  • MongoDB Cloud & Ops Manager Fundamentals
  • MongoDB Cloud & Ops Manager
  • Automation
  • Lab: Cluster Automation
  • Monitoring
  • Lab: Create an Alert
  • Backups
  • MongoDB Cloud & Ops Manager Under the Hood
  • API
  • Lab: Cloud Manager API
  • Architecture (Ops Manager)
  • Security (Ops Manager)
  • Lab: Install Ops Manager

Training Pre-requisites:

  • Attendees should be equipped with a computer that has at least 5GB of disk space and the latest version of MongoDB installed.
  • Attendees should be able to copy required data files from a thumb drive or download from the MongoDB training site
  • Attendees should have access to a Unix or Windows command prompt

Delivery Approach:

  • Training includes lessons, hands-on labs and follow-up exercises to teach you how to use MongoDB.
  • All attendees must attend this class in person. There is no remote access to the training.

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