EDB Postgres Tools Basics




This 2-day course covers the suite of EDB tools designed for large scale and mission critical enterprise performance, availability, scalability, security, and management. All EDB tools work with either PostgreSQL or EDB™ Postgres Advanced Server databases. Each module provides an overview of the tool and how it can be used to help effectively manage PostgreSQL databases. Training on installation how to utilize key features is provided.

Tools covered:

  • EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager (PEM)
  • EDB Postgres Backup and Recovery Tool (BART)
  • EDB Postgres Replication Server
  • EDB Postgres Failover Manager (EFM)
  • Migration Toolkit (MTK)
  • SQL/Protect
  • EDB*Plus
  • EDB*Loader
  • EDB*Wrap
  • Update Monitor

Course Outline:

  • EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager (PEM)
  • Introduction and Overview
  • Features, New and Improved PEM 7
  • Architecture and Components
  • Installation and Configuration
  • PEM Server, Agent, Client
  • PEM Server Installation
  • PEM Web Client
  • Global Overview Dashboard
  • Add a Postgres Server and Monitor
  • Installing the PEM Agent
  • Binding the PEM Agent with PostgreSQL Database Clusters
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Performance Monitoring and Management
  • Key Dashboards Overview
    • Performance Dashboards
    • Global Overview Dashboard
    • Server Analysis Dashboard
    • Memory Analysis Dashboard
    • I/O Analysis Dashboard
  • Monitoring and Viewing Alerts
  • Capacity Planner
  • Log Manager
  • Audit Manager
  • Learning More
  • EDB PostgreSQL Backup and Recovery Tool (BART)
  • Introduction and Architecture
  • Features and Components
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Using BART Commands
  • Backup and Restore Multiple Databases
  • Manage the Backup and Recovery System
  • EDB Postgres Replication Server
  • Features, Architecture, and Components
  • Overview and Supported Databases
  • Replication Models
  • Publications and Subscriptions Architecture
  • Replication Server Components
  • Setting Up a Replication System
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Replication Console
  • Enabling Access to Oracle, SQL Server
  • Publication and Subscription Database Users
  • Verifying Host Accessibility
  • Publication Server Configuration File Parameters
  • Using EDB Replication Server to Optimize and Monitor
  • Optimizing Synchronization Replication
  • Synchronization Configuration Options
  • Design Considerations, Limitations and Restrictions
  • EDB PostgreSQL Failover Manager (EFM):
  • Introduction and Feature Overview
  • Architecture and Components
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Configuration a EFM High Availability Cluster:
  • Using EFM
  • Adding Nodes
  • Controlled Switchovers
  • Failover Scenarios
  • Monitor and Manage a EFM Cluster
  • EDB Migration Toolkit (MTK):
  • Best Practice Migration Process
  • Assessing Database Instances for Migration
  • Database Migration
    • EDB Migration Toolkit (MTK)
    • Installation and Setup
    • Command Line Options
    • Migration Demo
  • EDB SQL/Protect:
  • SQL Injection Attacks
  • SQL/Protect Overview
  • Types of Attacks
  • Unauthorized Relations
  • SQL Tautology
  • Unbounded DML Statements
  • Monitoring SQL Injection Attacks
  • Configuring SQL/Protect
  • Setting and Listing the Protected Roles
  • Setting the Protection Level
  • Learn Mode Test
  • Role Based Protection
  • Viewing Suspicious Activity
  • Removing Role and Relation from List
  • Deleting Statistics and Offending Queries
  • Disabling and Enabling Monitoring
  • EDB*Plus – Features and using
  • EDB*Loader – Features and Using
  • EDB*Wrap:
  • Overview of EDB*Wrap
  • Obfuscating Source Code
  • Using the edbwrap Utility
  • Update Monitor:
  • Overview
  • Updates and Alerts
  • Using StackBuilder for Upgrade
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Target Audience:

  • PostgreSQL DBAs, Architects, Data Analysts and other users who must meet enterprise requirements for effective database management of mission-critical applications, and are responsible for data resiliency.


  • Basic knowledge of EDB PostgreSQL Advanced Server or PostgreSQL
  • Completing any of: Foundations of PostgreSQL Administration, Postgres Administration Essentials, or EDB PostgreSQL Advanced Server DBA Essentials.

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