Cloud Technologies

Businesses are experiencing unimaginable cost optimization and speed-to-market pressures like never before. Cloud technologies now provide breakthroughs in terms of lowered upfront costs, enhanced flexibility and the ability to create new revenue streams. At Ashnik we help you embrace right Cloud based solutions for you  .

Enterprise Open Source Solutions

More and more corporates are experiencing positive impact on growth and bottomline thanks to early adoption of open source solutions.We help you profitably implement the world's leading open source infrastructure and middleware solutions. Over the years we have explored numerous solutions in deploying open source.

Value Proposition

When it comes to adopting open source and cloud technologies it is not good enough to select right product. The insight into community and commercial vendor’s ability to grow and their roadmap becomes crucial. At Ashnik we bring in our long standing association with the open source community and commercial vendors that uniquely enable us to select right technologies and product that fits your requirements and grow with your needs. We believe in adding value to your business operations with our rich experience of designing and implementing Enterprise IT solutions. We help you in:
  • Identifying your business and technology needs
  • Matching the right technology that works for you
  • Designing the solution that addresses your budgets
  • Implementing and managing the solutions