Accelerate your digital goals with the power of Multi-cloud2021-05-04T15:51:44+08:00

Accelerate your digital goals
with the power of Multi-cloud

From public clouds, to private clouds, on-premises data centre to hybrid clouds, we pull it all together for you to enable your multi-cloud journey

We consult, design and build the best infrastructure solutions for your cloud goals – be it cloud migration, adopting hybrid cloud or multi-vendor setup. Enabling you to have a powerful IT environment swiftly and effortlessly.

Multi-cloud, multi-vendor-platforms and everything-as-a-service offers a lot of choices for deployment but they also bring in various complexities. A multi-platform environment can pose challenges in security, integration, maintenance and skills.

Our open source experts will help you modernize, deploy and manage applications on hybrid infrastructures, freeing your teams from complexities so you can focus on staying ahead of the game.

Gain multi-cloud versatility with software load balancing designed for cloud-native apps

For organizations, it’s not practical to be tied to one cloud anymore, given the flexibility of choosing the right cloud for each application.

As your app portfolio grows, so do the security threats, performance risks, complexities in managing consistent performance and load balancing policies across clouds. Learn how you can reduce the complexity and achieve significant time and cost savings.

Watch and learn how NGINX can help

Why the World is Going Multi-Cloud

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Boost your multi-cloud application performance by using a cloud-agnostic database

Multi-cloud is hardly a one-dimensional concept. With almost as many flavours of multi-cloud as there are companies and use cases, delivering performance, scalability and security for your data layer remains a task.

With enterprises moving to software-defined business models to enhance customer experience, they adopt cloud-native technologies and strategies to maximize efficiency and speed up innovation cycles.

Whichever multi-cloud flavour you choose, see how Redis Enterprise can enhance your journey of multi and hybrid cloud deployments.

Explore more about hybrid and multi cloud deployments

The Cloud Operating Model: DevOps, Security, and more

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How you can reduce the complexities of managing Kubernetes clusters anywhere?

The modern cloud-native applications make Kubernetes environments highly distributed, making it deployable across multiple datacentres on-premise, or in the cloud. If you are using Kubernetes at scale or in production, you’ll need multiple clusters across environments and manage them efficiently.

Managing and monitoring clusters gets simplified with Mirantis Kubernetes Engine (formerly Docker Enterprise) using Mirantis Container Cloud, a multi-cloud platform that integrates easily with on-premise infrastructure, AWS, VMware and other providers.

Learn how to manage Kubernetes clusters

Unlocking the Cloud Operating Model: Security

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Boost your multi-cloud application performance by using a cloud-agnostic database

The adoption of PostgreSQL in enterprises is becoming a strategic choice, more so with the adoption of Multi-cloud now becoming a need for enterprise deployment. The availability and options of PostgreSQL and cloud platform providers create multiple combinations of deployment options for you. Identify the right strategy that will fit your organisation’s needs.

Explore the available options for you, and how to identify the right-fitting database and multi-cloud strategy.

Explore which PostgreSQL will work for your Multi-cloud strategy

Container and Kubernetes security: 5 Keys to a
Secure DevOps Workflow

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The best approach for Multi – Cloud Infrastructure Provisioning

Embracing one cloud or multi to run applications that power your business is today’s top IT initiatives. But what is the best approach for multi-cloud infrastructure provisioning?

Multi-vendor Infrastructure topologies help you to use a consistent workflow to provision, secure, govern, and audit any infrastructure. Increase productivity and reduce risks with a consistent approach to multi-cloud provisioning.

Learn how organisations are using Terraform for a strategic approach

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