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Gain a strong foundation in top open source technologies such as Docker, PostgreSQL and MongoDB to upgrade your enterprise skill-sets. Ashnik, an official training partner to these technologies, brings comprehensive training courses to Southeast Asia and India. The modules are available in both public and corporate formats and are delivered to you by certified trainers and technology professionals.

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Gain the essential skills required to effectively design and implement PostgreSQL databases for applications while incorporating PostgreSQL features.

Comprehensive PostgreSQL Administrative Training

Covers basics of PostgreSQL Administration and certain key advanced concepts.

Foundations of PostgreSQL Administration – PGSQLbatchopen

The essential details of PostgreSQL Administration including architecture, configuration, maintenance, monitoring, backup, recovery, and data movement.

EDB PostgreSQL Advanced Server Database Administration – Essentials

Learn how to administer enterprise-scale data solutions using the different tools available in EPAS.

EDB PostgreSQL Advanced Server Database Administration – Advanced

You will learn how to best fulfill the more advanced DBA responsibilities including database tuning and benchmarking, monitoring, setting up high availability and replication, and more.

PostgreSQL Developer Fundamentals & Developer Advanced Training

Learn about PostgreSQL data types, database objects, indexes, transactions, and working with connectors and drivers, with basic installation.

EDB PostgreSQL Tools Basics

This 2-day course covers the suite of EDB tools designed for large scale and mission critical enterprise performance, availability, scalability, security, and management.




15th – 17th Mar 2021 Foundations of PostgreSQL Administration Online

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Instructor-led Training is built for enterprises and is delivered using Docker Enterprise Edition.

The Docker Fundamentals + Enterprise Operations

Full Docker for Enterprise Operations course as well as the prerequisite Docker Fundamentals course.

The Docker Fundamentals + Enterprise Developers

Full Docker for Enterprise Developers course as well as the prerequisite Docker Fundamentals course.

Docker Security Course

Hands-on overview of important security features and best practices to protect containerized services.




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MongoDB For Administrator

Successfully deploy and maintain MongoDB, diagnose performance issues, import and export data from MongoDB, and establish the proper backup and restore routines.

MongoDB For Developer

This course covers the MongoDB query language, data modeling, indexes, and an introduction to high availability and scaling in MongoDB.

MongoDB For Advanced Developer

This course offers a deep dive into advanced topics for MongoDB developers. Day one covers advanced schema design, exploring case studies and labs on data modeling for several different applications.




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