Frequently Asked Questions2021-05-04T02:36:26+08:00

Frequently Asked Questions


Is there any tool to migrate from SQL to PostgreSQL?2021-07-22T13:48:32+08:00

To migrate data, you can use the EDB Migration tool kit, a part of the EnterpriseDB subscription.

How can Postgres support multitenant?2021-07-22T13:44:41+08:00

Postgres instance has three default databases in it, and users can create multiple databases in the future as per their application requirement. It means one Postgres instance can have many databases, and each database may cater to the need of specific applications. So for microservices architecture, you can host multiple databases on a single Postgres server.

Does Postgres have MOS Documents like oracle, and please provide some details on Support in case of issues?2021-07-22T13:43:56+08:00

Postgres has the PostgreSQL community, where all the email archives are maintained about old queries by community members. One needs to search through the email archives to get available solutions for their issues, but the community maintains no MOS-like documents.

Just like in SQL express version, does it supports 10GB of DB? What about in PostgreSQL?2021-07-22T13:42:10+08:00