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Event streaming enables you to innovate and win – by being both real-time and highly scalable


Why use Kafka?

Apache Kafka is an open-source distributed event streaming platform used by thousands of companies for high-performance data pipelines, streaming analytics, data integration, and mission-critical applications. It combines three key capabilities for event streaming end-to-end: to write and read streams of events, to store streams of events durably and reliably for long, and to process streams of events as they occur or retrospectively. All these functionalities are provided in a distributed, highly scalable, elastic, fault-tolerant, and secure manner. Deploy it on your bare-metal hardware, virtual machines, and containers, or on-premises as well as in the cloud – no wonder over 80% of all Fortune 100 companies trust, and use Kafka.

Top benefits of Ashnik’s Kafka offerings

Independent and unbiased insights for smarter decision making

Design and architecting skills to address your current and emerging needs

Deployment and integration expertise to simplify the complexities

Operational support so that you can be at ease

Automation to address a rapidly scaling landscape

Founded by the original developers of Apache Kafka, Confluent delivers the most complete distribution of Kafka with Confluent Platform. The platform improves Kafka with its additional commercial features designed to enhance the streaming experience of both operators and developers in production, at a massive scale.

What is Apache Kafka®?
Apache Kafka is a community distributed event streaming platform capable of handling trillions of events a day. Since being created and open sourced by LinkedIn in 2011, Kafka has quickly evolved from a messaging queue to a full-fledged event streaming platform.

Confluent Platform

This enterprise ready platform complements Kafka with its advanced capabilities to help accelerate application development and connectivity, enable event transformations through stream processing, simplify enterprise operations at scale and meet stringent architectural requirements.

Offers enterprise security, availability and compliance, with tools to operate efficiently at scale, on-Prem.

Unrestricted developer productivity

Unrestricted developer productivity

Democratize Kafka for a wider range of developers and accelerate how fast they build event streaming applications.

Efficient operations at scale

Efficient operations at scale

Minimize operational complexity while ensuring high performance and scalability as event streaming grows through your organization.

Production-stage prerequisites

Production-stage prerequisites

Architect the platform with the foundational enterprise-level attributes needed to implement event streaming in production.

Freedom of choice

Freedom of choice

Deploy on-premises, in public or hybrid cloud, from bare-metal to Kubernetes, or leverage a fully managed cloud service with Confluent Cloud.

Committer-driven expertise

Committer-driven expertise

Leverage the world’s foremost Kafka experts, who work directly with Kafka committers to assist you throughout the application development lifecycle.

Build Robust Streaming Data Pipelines
With MongoDB and Kafka


Confluent Cloud

Confluent Cloud is the industry’s only fully managed, cloud-native event streaming platform powered by Apache Kafka. Apache Kafka is an open source, distributed streaming platform that enables 100,000+ organizations globally to build event-driven applications at scale. Built and operated by the original creators of Apache Kafka, Confluent Cloud provides a simple, scalable, resilient, and secure event streaming platform for the cloud-first enterprise, the DevOps-starved organization, or the agile developer on a mission.

Committer-driven expertise

Serverless – Scale with cloud-native agility

  • Scale elastically between 0 – 100 MBps
  • No cluster sizing with self-serve provisioning
  • Pay only for what you actually stream
  • Start streaming in minutes
Committer-driven expertise

Flexible – Stream across hybrid clouds

  • Build a persistent bridge from on-premises to cloud with hybrid Kafka service
  • Stream across public clouds for multi-cloud data pipelines
Committer-driven expertise

Reliable – Run mission-critical apps

  • Guarantee 99.95% uptime SLA
  • Scale to 10s of GBps with dedicated capacity
  • Achieve sub 30 ms latency at scale
  • Enterprise-grade security & compliance
Committer-driven expertise

Complete – Do more with Apache Kafka

  • Ensure data compatibility with fully-managed Schema Registry
  • Real-time processing with fully-managed KSQL
  • Integrate all your systems quickly with Kafka connectors

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