Who we

Established in 2009, Ashnik is a leading open source solutions and consulting company in Southeast Asia and India, headquartered in Singapore. We enable Digital transformation and IT Modernization for enterprises through our design, architecting and solution skills. Over 200 large enterprises in the region have acknowledged our expertise in delivering solutions using the latest open source technologies. We help customers with Database platforms, Automation and scale-out, Containerization and Kubernetes platforms, Data Pipeline platforms, Real time analytics, Monitoring platforms and more.

We are the key partners of leading open source vendors such as EnterpriseDB, Docker Enterprise, Redis Labs, MongoDB, NGINX, HashiCorp, Confluent, Sysdig, and Pentaho in the region.

Our suite of services for above technologies consists of – Technical Services, PostgreSQL Support and Services, Managed Services, Consulting services and Training services.

What us 

We understand the dynamic nature of today’s business. Every business has unique needs and one size solution cannot fit the bill for every business challenge. We bring in the ability to understand our customer’s customers, the industry trends and our customer’s pain points. Our own long-standing experiences enable us to visualize technology solutions from the business point of view. Being an independent technology solutions company allows us to offer unbiased solutions that are purely based on the client’s needs. We are able to ‘connect the dots’ between multitude of technologies and myriad business challenges.

We have helped customers of all sizes – from medium size businesses to large multinational corporations to government agencies in adopting technology solutions. Though we are a small team in size, we have a desire to make large impact and we have the requisite experience to grow it big.


We are a leading open source technology solutions and consulting company in Southeast Asia and India enabling Digital transformation for Enterprises. We are pragmatic about using open source and cloud technologies to solve critical business challenges. We are driven by the passion to deploy efficient technology solutions and help our clients to improve their ability to grow rapidly, while lowering the operating cost, thereby improving the bottom-line.