White Paper and Resources
Find exclusive resources on Enterprise Open Source, Database and Cloud Solutions.
Below is a list of white papers and presentations, available for free download -
  • EnterpriseDB Brochures and Data Sheets
  • A collection of EnterpriseDB Brochures and Data Sheets that will help provide an in-depth understanding of its product features and latest technology offerings.
  • Busting the Myths: Performance scalability of DB
  • An insight on how performance and scalability of PostgreSQL can be leveraged using the right tuning techniques. This white paper explains the impact of tuning, connection pooling and the common pitfalls most IT managers face on the Database front.
  • Oracle to Enterprise PostgreSQL Database Migration
  • This white paper will take you through an open source Enterprise Database that is equally competent yet more cost-effective than proprietary databases like Oracle. Ashnik brings EDB's Postgres Plus Advanced Server - the most preferred alternative based on open source PostgreSQL database and offers a very strong range of Oracle Compatibility features.
  • Ashnik Solutions Presentation
  • Ashnik brings you EnterpriseDB's Postgres Plus Advanced Server (PPAS) the perfect alternative to Oracle. Take a walk through the technical analysis and understanding of PPAS, to learn everything from Oracle migration to exclusive tools to enhanced security features and more.
  • Consulting Guide
  • Ashnik's open source software consulting and services. The approaches we take and where in your business we can help cut costs while help maximize efficiency.