| Sep 15, 2016


Big Data marketing

Is Big Data making marketing better?

Let’s go back in time when Big Data was an unknown entity. Marketers then relied upon all sorts of tools, knacks and even gut feelings to evaluate the success of their marketing campaigns. In our day, however Big Data has transformed the business scene. The marketing world that we live in now is swifter and evolving rapidly, literally in seconds. And this quantum data that is available is like a catalytic agent – the secret ingredient to a potpourri of insights and ideas. It’s not precisely the data that plays an important role, rather the insights derived from it that makes the big difference. And more importantly, the decisions made and steps taken acting on those insights is what delivers successful marketing and business strategies.
So how exactly can Big Data be used in marketing? There’s massive amount of data that enterprises typically collect from their own business processes and from their customers through different means and channels. The important thing is to fit this data together, because it’s pointless having all that data sitting in unrelated systems throughout an organization. When integrated and leveraged intelligently, this data will reveal remarkably effective trends and patterns which can lead to huge improvements in a company’s approach and its various strategies. Say, by tuning in your organisation’s big data insights with your go-to market approach, your organisation can make a sizeable impact essentially in these 3 areas:

  • Customer engagement and retention: Big data can deliver insights into who your customers are, where they are, how they want to be contacted and what they need. Plus, you can determine what influences a customer’s loyalty and what makes them come back time and again