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MongoDB Training for Developers now coming to Singapore, 4th to 6th Oct

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Training-mongoDB-newMongoDB for Developers: 3-day comprehensive classroom training

MongoDB and Ashnik bring you a 3-day comprehensive training for Developers to accelerate your learning with in-person sessions run by certified MongoDB trainers. MongoDB for Developers will be delivered on site with a curriculum that can be tailored to your specific needs and interest areas. It offers hands-on experience with MongoDB use cases based on years of field experience. This training is recommended for software engineers who want to have a strong understanding of MongoDB fundamentals and application development.

Get quickly ramped on MongoDB with this comprehensive private training program for developers from MongoDB University. You and your teams will gain the knowledge and confidence to develop a wide range of applications in MongoDB and do basic administration as a result of this class.

If you are interested in learning, improving, developing your MongoDB skills, have a running MongoDB project or if you look for alternatives to take up database systems, this would be your best bet for getting up to speed.

The course coverage, details and pre-requisites for the training are detailed below.

Course Coverage

MongoDB for Developers will be delivered in a classroom format with a curriculum that can be tailored to your specific needs and interest areas. During the 3-day session, the instructor will cover the following topics:

  • MongoDB query language
  • Data modeling
  • Indexes
  • Introduction to high availability and scaling
  • MongoDB aggregation framework
  • MapReduce and basic administration

Training Details

  • To be conducted by a certified MongoDB trainer
  • Date/Time: 4th to 6th Oct, 9.30 am – 6.30 pm
  • Location: Singapore
  • Batch strength: 12-13 students

Training Pre-requisites

  • Students should be equipped with a computer that has at least 5GB of disk space and the latest version of MongoDB installed
  • Students should be able to copy required data files from a thumb drive or download from the MongoDB training site
  • Students should have access to a Unix or Windows command prompt

Delivery Approach

  • Classes include lessons, hands-on labs and follow-up exercises to teach you how to use MongoDB.
  • All students must attend this class in person. There is no remote access to the training.

Limited seats available!

To know more on training fees and other course details, fill the ‘Book a Seat’ form or drop us an email on

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