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Pentaho 5.4 Updates – Exciting features

Kedar Patwardhan
Singapore, 7 Jul 2015

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Pentaho 5.4 Updates

Building on a foundation of Big Data innovation, Pentaho adds powerful new capabilities to 5.4, future-proofing enterprise data architectures in the face of growing data volumes and new cloud-based deployment requirements. New integrations with Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR), Spark, and SAP HANA empower organizations to accelerate Big Data orchestration and blending in any environment.

Big Data Deployment in the Cloud

Pentaho 5.4 supports native integration with Amazon Elastic MapReduce. Providing visual data orchestration for the EMR Hadoop framework, MapReduce jobs can be quickly developed and run in-cluster for high performance, allowing IT teams to deploy faster. Leveraging EMR with the Amazon Redshift analytic database and S3 storage, users can visually orchestrate on-demand, secure analytic data sets. Read more about cloud-based Big Data architectures.

Scale Hadoop in a Big Data Environment

With the launch of Pentaho 5.4, Pentaho releases the results of a recent scalability study demonstrating the performance of Pentaho MapReduce and Hadoop on rapidly increasing data volumes. These tests show sustained data processing performance at scale when running Pentaho MapReduce jobs in large Hadoop clusters. Read the study.

Blended Data Delivered for SAP HANA

Pentaho’s integration with SAP HANA, a powerful in-memory analytic database, delivers blended, refined data for high-speed analytics. Together, Pentaho Data Integration and SAP HANA facilitate governed data delivery across multiple structured and unstructured sources in enterprise environments.

Big Data Innovation with Spark

Pentaho delivers integration with Spark, a next-generation in-memory data engine for large scale processing. Data developers can now execute Spark jobs from Pentaho Data Integration raising developer productivity and reducing the skillset required to leverage Spark. To learn more about other Spark projects, visit Pentaho Labs.

More Enhancements

  • New Embedded Analytics APIs: Extension points give developers greater control over layout, styling, and interactivity when embedding Pentaho Analyzer.
  • Localization for Pentaho User Console: Language pack support in French, German, and Japanese extend Pentaho Business Analytics to a wider global audience.
  • New Look for Pentaho Data Integration: A refreshed set of icons brings a  more modern look to the Pentaho Data Integration user experience.

Stay tuned to know more about Pentaho and its capabilities for your BI and Big Data needs.

– Kedar Patwardhan


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