Pentaho Data Integration and Analytics Platform

Easily access, prepare, blend and analyze all data from any source, in any environment – on one comprehensive platform.


Why use Pentaho?

Pentaho is a business intelligence (BI) solution that provides data integration, OLAP services, reporting, information dashboards, data mining and extract, transform, load (ETL) capabilities. It is widely known for its reporting, analytics, dash-boarding, data integration and data mining abilities. The platform will quickly integrate with business processes across your organization and orchestrate the operations inside as well as outside the platform. It allows to manage the reports (including scheduling them), and securely integrating to portals and applications. Pentaho’s powerful business intelligence and data integration capabilities makes it a good bet for your business.

Top benefits of Ashnik’s Pentaho offerings

Independent and unbiased insights for smarter decision making

Design and architecting skills to address your current and emerging needs

Deployment and integration expertise to simplify the complexities

Operational support so that you can be at ease

Automation to address a rapidly scaling landscape

One Platform Does It All

Internet of Things Analytics

Internet of Things Analytics

Integrate machine data with other data for better outcomes

Big data integration and analytics

Big Data Integration and Analytics

Accelerate value with Hadoop, NoSQL, and other big data tools.

Pentaho Data Integration

Pentaho Data Integration

Access, mnage and blend any data from any source.

Pentaho Business Analytics

Pentaho Business Analytics

Turn data into insights with embeddable analytics

Pentaho Data Integration

Use this no-code visual interface to ingest, blend, cleanse and prepare diverse data from any source in any environment.

Integration simplified

Choose an end-to-end platform for all data integration challenges. This intuitive drag-and-drop graphical interface simplifies the creation of data pipelines. For data transformation, you can easily use push-down processing to scale out compute capabilities across on-premises and cloud environments.

Product features

  • Drag-and-drop interface to create data pipelines.
  • Broad connectivity to virtually any data source.
  • Blend data wherever it is, on-premises or in cloud.
  • Flat files, RDBMS, big data, object stores, APIs.
  • and Google Analytics.
  • Bulk load support for popular cloud data warehouses.
  • Operationalize R, Python, Scala and Weka models.
  • Scikit-learn, Spark MLlib, TensorFlow and Keras.
  • Scalability, containerization and security.

Pentaho Business Analytics

Empower users to visualize and analyze data and embed analytics in everyday workflows with minimal IT support.

User-Centric Analysis

Move beyond traditional per-seat licensing to simplify analytics for your organization. Advanced multitenant architecture enables next-generation embedded applications and high scalability. Use its intuitive web-based interface to deploy Hitachi Vantara’s Pentaho suite either on premises or in the cloud.

Product features

  • In-memory data caching for interactive analysis.
  • Connectivity to on-premises or cloud sources.
  • Flat files, databases, big data, object stores.
  • Analyze outliers with filtering and zooming.
  • Open-source heritage, no vendor lock-in.
  • Rich library of interactive visualizations.
  • Flip between Apache Spark or MapReduce.
  • Multitenant, embeddable and secure reporting.
  • Mobile web experience with gesture support

Product Architecture

Product Architecture

Big Data at Cloud Scale

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