| Sep 16, 2014


Written by Ashnik Team
API and Microservices

"Performance degrades after migrating to MongoDB". Really? Read this.

During the last couple of months, I have been busy travelling across ASEAN and India to meet customers and prospects. I could see that MongoDB has created a certain buzz. The fact that it can very well co-exist with other evolving open source technologies e.g. PostgreSQL and Hadoop has made it even more loved among the data scientists and big data groups. But surprisingly, I came across a group of “unhappy” and “dissatisfied” users of MongoDB or in general NoSQL data structures too. They complained about how the performance degraded when they migrated out of some of the popular relational database. They were upset with the fact that simple queries which were returning data in few seconds from relational database is taking a lot of time in MongoDB.
This shocked me a bit. I could not hold back and asked them a few questions on how they did the migration and transformation. They were quite puzzled with my questions and most of them reacted – “What? What transformations?”. That is when I realized they have mistaken the relational entities as their ‘real’ world entities which we generally refer to in Programming (more precisely) in object oriented programming world.
I went ahead and explained a few things about MongoDB: