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The Dev to Ops Choice for Container Platforms

Leading companies rely on Docker’s container platform to build, manage and secure all their applications from traditional applications to cutting-edge microservices — and deploy them anywhere. With its integrated technology suite, Docker enables Developers and IT teams to build, pack, ship, manage and secure business-critical applications – that runs virtually anywhere, with almost zero overhead and without the fear of technology or infrastructure lock-ins. It unlocks the potential of every business with a container platform that brings traditional & monolithic applications and microservices into an automated and secure supply chain, advancing dev to ops collaboration.

Docker has improved the time to market by 300% and has reduced operational costs by 50%. Docker’s container platform and services are used by more than 550 Global 10K commercial customers including ADP, GE, MetLife, PayPal, Societe Generale and many others.

Enterprises using Docker Containers-as-a-Service platform, most widely use Docker images, include Registry, NGINX, MongoDB, Postgres, Elasticsearch, and Redis.

Docker’s Containers as a Service (CaaS) offers:

  • Agility, where the developers have the freedom to define environments, create and deploy applications quicker, and flexibility for IT Ops to quickly respond to change
  • Control, where developers can own all the code from infrastructure to app, and the manage IT Ops to standardize, secure and scale the operating environment
  • Portability, where it gives you choice without complexity, from a laptop to a team, to private infrastructure and public cloud providers

Main use cases of Docker:

  • Modernize Traditional Application (MTA) – Most containerized applications are legacy apps that are easily transformed into portable, more secure applications.
  • Microservices – Accelerate shipping code while unlocking developer innovation
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) – Drive secure automation and deployment at massive scale
  • Data Science – Accelerate data analysis into actionable insights and outcomes
  • Docker Edge – Extend containers safely to the farthest reaches of your network
  • Docker Cloud Migration – Deliver Applications to Any Cloud, Anywhere
  • Digital Transformation – Drive innovation with your existing people, processes and Docker


  • Portability – Deployment of applications as a single object as against a process of running multiple programs
  • Layered file system – Ability to apply version control to entire containers
  • Version Tracking – Built-in version tracking to track, revert and view changes
  • Quick Turnaround – Availability of reusable components
  • Repository – Allows sharing Docker containers on a public registry

Begin your Docker Journey by Modernizing Traditional Application (MTA)


Enterprises are looking to cloud and microservices to drive agility and digital transformation. These innovations are often applied to new projects but 1 question remains – what about the other 99% of my apps that are not microservices?

Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) enables IT Ops to modernize traditional applications without requiring modifications to the source code – with hybrid cloud portability, increased security and cost efficiency.

  • Modernize without changing your source code
  • Save 75% of the time with provisioning and deployment
  • Reduce total hours spent maintaining and supporting a single application by 10X
  • Platform & Architecture Independence
  • Hybrid cloud portability
  • Increased App security
  • CapEx and OpeEx Efficiency

Docker Training

Docker is the world’s most popular containerization platform, and we looking forward to helping you get both Trained and Certified to join the ranks of many, worldwide. Ashnik is Docker’s recognised Training partner for Southeast Asia and India. We deliver instructor led training courses at your own site customised for your team and also offer public batches on select dates. Interested? Drop us a word here to find out more on the upcoming one.

Being Docker’s partner for the region, Ashnik has been empowering enterprises by delivering architecting solutions, consulting services and subscriptions for Docker Datacenter infrastructure and Implementation of Docker Data centre. Our integration capabilities of Docker with other open source technologies and infrastructure solutions makes us the 1st Docker partner in Southeast Asia and India. To know how the Docker Suite can be beneficial to your IT infrastructure or for your DevOps teams, talk to us.

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