How EDB Postgres helps achieve business continuity for database?



How EDB Postgres helps achieve business continuity for database?

Database downtime can cost your business a significant sum of money and stress.
It is essential to have the right capabilities and tools for configuring business continuity for databases. And that’s where EDB Postgres enables enterprise customers to achieve business continuity for the Postgres database through its features and tools.
One of the crucial aspects while planning business continuity for the database in addition to high-availability, replication is the disaster recovery of the database. Here, EDB Backup and Recovery Tool (BART) plays an important role.
Learn how EDB Postgres can ensure your database is secure and accessible even during an unforeseen disaster.

Webinar Covers:

Understanding the criticality of business continuity planning for database and why Postgres is today’s default choice.

What features and tools does EDB Postgres offer to help organizations achieve business continuity for their databases?

Live Demo: EDB Backup and Recovery Tool (BART) – to safeguard critical business data and ensure trouble-free recovery.

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