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10 takeaways from Tech Insights – The Digital Transformation Series, India

Chintan Desai | Digital Marketing Consultant, Ashnik
Mumbai, 18 Jun 2018

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Companies now are harnessing technologies and innovations such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Augmentation, Machine Learning, IoT, Mobility, and Cloud to bring us disruptive products. From being surrounded by technologies like digital assistants aka Alexa and Google Home or smart vacuum cleaners like Roomba & Soomba. Or having smartwatches that are tracking our lifestyle and activities to rain sensing wipers for our cars. Technology is playing a great deal in transforming our lives. While, these technologies may have felt like POC’s just a few years back, they have become a reality today.

Little wonder, enterprises around the globe are forced to digitally transform in order to keep up and evolve themselves. Choosing to get rid of dated legacy systems and going new age is how they are kick starting their digitisation journey. In order to help organisations get going on their digital transformation journey, Ashnik had launched the Tech Insights series – guiding them with fitting and innovative technology solutions meant for their business. One of the reasons why, this series has been attended by more than 1100 professionals from across SEA and India since 2017.

Mission in action –

The core objective of Tech Insights is to highlight open source capabilities and actionable insights that enterprises can benefit from in their evolution process. Building capability rather than capacity is the main thought here. With a new theme every time, we help touch various pain points and the right solutions for businesses.
Last month, Tech Insights made a grand debut in the Indian region with its first ever event being held at Mumbai. The theme designed for the event was “How to modernize apps and infrastructure with DevOps” to adapt to the constantly changing needs of the business.

Which is also coming to Singapore on 20th June 2018 and registrations are open.

Key takeaways & learnings from the Mumbai event –

The speakers comprised of industry professionals having spent at least 15 years in the industry working across various profiles handling Pre-Sales, Solutions Architecture, Enterprise Heads and more. They poured out insights on modernizing apps and IT infra based on their implementations and experiences.

Here are the core takeaways from the event:

1. The changing course to Open source, its need & importance, its adoption and use-cases across the enterprise & industries

2. How to leverage platform technologies to securely deploy applications across any cloud, reduce the time to build-test-run new and existing applications

3. How Docker Enterprise Edition can help enterprises adopt it at scale

4. How Docker’s Universal Control Plane provides customer freedom of choice for their container orchestration platform

5. How Docker Trusted Registry helps the customer to secure their container image development and deployment pipeline with features like image scanning, image signing, and role-based access control, etc

6. How Docker Trusted Register (DTR) allows you to promote images and mirror them across to another DTR

7. How customers can do service deployment, rolling upgrade and canary deployment for their applications

8. How both Developers and Operations teams can gain greater visibility into the processes that will increase the overall profitability for the business

9. The decision makers & business executives benefitted from the user case studies which empowered them to walk the digital journey in their organization in a cost-effective and efficient manner

10. The partners benefited from real-time learnings from the customers and their experience on a digital journey

The event audience comprised of sectors ranging from BFSI, Retail, Telecom, Government, Education to IT consulting. The likes of Vice Presidents, Senior Managers, Enterprise Architects, Senior Consultants, Systems Engineers, DevOps Engineers comprised of the 100 + attendees.

What the panellists said –

I was ecstatic when I was invited by Ashnik for a panel discussion on two of my favourite topics: open source technologies and containerization. This was a welcome change to the recent trend of discussions on “disruptive” technologies. The response to this event was overwhelming and the quality of technical discussions was outstanding. – Hemant Adarkar, CTO – Nainital Bank

“The adoption of Opensource technology is everywhere and it is growing at an accelerated rate. Ashnik is doing amazing work in promoting & supporting Opensource. Unlike other business events, the audience at Ashnik was well versed with docker technology and are vesting significant effort in Opensource. It was a wonderful opportunity to interact in panel discussion with Ashnik & share ESDS’s eNlight Cloud journey. It was notable to see use of Opensource just not in Enterprises but Banks as well.” – Rishikesh Jadhav, Head of Research – ESDS

Feedback from the attendees





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